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Allocations Staff

Important Notice to All Pre-Registration Nursing Students effective from 2nd January 2007

The Allocation office within DPL (Room 426) will be closed to all student visitors.

However If you have any queries about your placement allocations, you can still contact the allocations staff on the telephone numbers and
email addresses below

Name Branch/Circuit
Telephone Number E-mail Address
Irene Benjamin Adult: South/East/North 0121 331 7007 Irene.benjamin@bcu.ac.uk
Anne Crockett

Child: Denver/Sheridan
Adult: West

0121 331 7005 Anne.crockett@bcu.ac.uk
Diane George Adult and Child: Primary care
0121 331 7004 Diane.george@bcu.ac.uk
Kathryn Price

Mental Health
Learning Disability
Nursing Homes for Adult-

0121 331 7132 Kathryn.price@bcu.ac.uk

If required, an individual appointment can be made to meet with the appropriate member of allocation staff to discuss any specific issues related to
the allocated placement.

NB: This does not mean DPL is closed,

If you require help and support whilst on placement, please ring 0121 331 7169 or come to Room 424 Seacole Building and meet with a member of Academic staff who can help you

Name Branch/Circuit
Telephone Number E-mail Address
Karen Walker Adult 0121 331 7169 karen.walker@bcu.ac.uk
Karen Cross

Mental Health/ Learning Disability

0121 331 6065 karen.cross@bcu.ac.uk
Susie Guthrie (Part-time) Child
0121 331 7016 susie.guthrie@bcu.ac.uk
Louise Hunt (Part-time) Portfolio Co-ordinator
0121 331 6166 louise.hunt@bcu.ac.uk

Carol Doyle


Head of Division

0121 331 6160 carol.doyle@bcu.ac.uk

If you require replacement documents contact Ramona Downer on 0121 331 7008 or new placement documents and portfolio's, please contact
Andy Perks on 0121 331 6180, both based in Room 425, Seacole Building.






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